Instant Messenger

What is an Instant Messenger?

Instant Messenger is a service which allows to send and receive immediately (on-line) messages from other members of a site. The basic difference from a chat - Instant Messenger can be used only by 2 persons.

Who can use an Instant Messenger?

Instant Messenger can be used only by Gold-Members.

How to use an Instant Messenger?

For using Instant Messenger you must find a person who is online now. You can use IM-block for this. This block is caused from the main menu and also thrown automatically out at an entrance at Home Page. For opening the Instant Messenger window from IM-block you need to click an badge with the inscription on the contrary that person with whom you want to begin a conversation. Also it is possible to cause the window Instant Messenger directly from a profile of a member of a site or from the result of search with the help of clique on the button with the blinking inscription "Instant Messenger". For making of the new message it is necessary to type the text and at desire to add a smile. A smile is inserted automatically at a clique on its image. For sending a message it is necessary to press the button "Send" or a key "Enter". Other member of a site can cause you on conversation. In this case the window where you can make a choice is given out to you: to begin a conversation or to reject the interlocutor.
Attention! Nobody can initiate conversation with you if the window IM-block will not be opened. Only at switched on IM-block your status becomes "online" and you become visible to the rests as online-members.

What does the message "don't want chat with you now!!!" mean

Such messages arises in the case the person with whom you want to begin conversation with the help of Instant Messenger has rejected a dialogue.

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